A New Idea

Do you ever have an idea of what could be an awesome business idea? And what were you doing when you had the idea? you were probably doing something and the idea you came up with was something that would make such a task easier. Am I right?

Some thought I would like to share with you if your thinking starting a business is for you. First of all don’t jump into business with your first idea, you could have an idea to start a snowboarding business and jump into it and find out that you are in an extremely competitive market. A market that is over saturated.

A few ideas to help develop ideas

  1. walk around with a note-book and list things or ideas that you see will help others or you
  2. talk to others and find out what items or devises would help them in life to make a task easier
  3. think of ideas that are not necessarily  items but possibly a website to make something easier for others.
    1. Click Here for more ideas on how to brainstorm ideas

After such a process and you have created a list of a few options that you would be interested in, a tool that night be helpful for one to use is Google AdWords and use Google Keyword Planner (a great video to help you learn to use this tool  Watch Video ) This will help you find keywords that are competitive.  learn about AdWords here Watch Video

you also should come up with a business model. there are different business models that will work better for different ideas and different people here is a great site that describes and will help you determine what can best work for you Click Here




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